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Sheldon D'Silva Signature MüB-G6 Triquetra

7 SD Triquetra Bass.jpg
34" scale, 24 frets.
Flamed Asian Mahogany, chambered, black stained.
Burl top, black stain.
Ash mid laminate.
Five piece Maple/wenge neck.
Two carbon fiber reinforcement bars.
Gabon ebony board
EMG single coil pick-ups positioned for extra bottom and snap. EMG 4 band preamp.
Hipshot bridge, Ultra Light tuners.
Trans black burst.
High gloss finish.
Triqueta inlay, white/gold mother of pearl (optional).
Available in:
4, 5, 6 strings.
Ample choice of top laminate woods.
Natural colour plus a wide range of stain/trans colours.
Black, chrome hardware.



G5 SC Sheldon D'Silva Signature.
34" scale, 24 fret. Redwood burl top, matching headstock plate; Ash mid top laminate; lightly chambered padauk body;.  Bloodwood board. Five piece roasted flamed maple/maple/padauk neck. Bartolini Singularity p-ups; Aguilar OBP3 preamp. Hipshot brass hardware. High gloss finish.
Custom fitting:
Sheldon's custom body design; p-up placement; Triquetra gold/white mother of pearl inlay; Carbon fibre reinforcement bars, custom controls layout. This bass has a great percussive tone on top of the classic MüB articulation, snap, solid low end, even mids, sparkling top end. Very reactive and capable of reproducing the most subtle nuances of your playing style.

Sheldon D'Silva Signature MüB-G5 SC Triquetra

Redwood Burl

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