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the genius luthier

Maurizio Caduto


I build basses because I love them. I love the voice, look, simplicity of a bass; its role in a band and its ability to be solid as an anchor and nimble as a butterfly, Of all things that I am in this life, I love being a bassist.

                                 - Maurizio

Maurizio, an Italian Luthier, is the genius behind these amazing Instruments.

Fully custom basses, designed to seamlessly fit individual playing style, ergonomics and personality.

The leading principle behind every MÜB is that, the best bass is one that adapts to the musician, and not the other way around. Tone, Ergonomics, Looks, Playability - these are the leading design elements working together to produce each time a bass that is as unique as its owner.

Besides the Sheldon D'Silva Signature, Maurizio has designed an array of beautiful instruments.

To check out his creations please visit his page below.


This absolute beauty is the result of over a year of creative brainstorming with bassist extraordinaire Sheldon D'Silva, in the quest for the bass of a lifetime.
Sheldon's percussive approach to bass playing, his soulful finger style phrasing, rich chordal work, blistering fast slap technique inspired an instrument unlike any other.

Ranging from a piano-like attack to a visceral growl, it is articulated, snappy and everything in between.
The Triquetra is an aesthetic, ergonomic and tonal statement. It is light and perfectly balanced, the offset vertical center line making it especially comfortable to play while sitting. The two single coil pickups are positioned for extra bottom and snap.
Oh and Yes!, its just heartbreakingly beautiful.
16 SD Triquetra Bass Slant.jpg


Maurizio Uber Bass Logo.tiff

I am a Gemini. My Castor had a successful career in advertising and film industry. Pollux picked up a bass guitar when he was a kid and never put it down. All I have learned in my double life has found its way into the basses I build.


I've learned that ,we all run the risk of becoming our own very limit. Culture, tradition, logistics, bias, ambitions, complacency and whatever else one is made of can easily become the wall one's best ideas crash into.


And I've learned that, the next big thing probably hides behind that very mistake that's driving you mad right now.

Be true. Play bass.

Maurizio Uber Bass Logo.tiff

MüB-G6 Triquetra pictures captured by...

Enlight Studio of Photography


the genius


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